Albania Transmission System Operator Visited EPİAŞ

The delegation composed of Albania Transmission System Operator, OST visited EPİAŞ on 10th of December.

During the meeting, CEO of OST, Klodian Gradeci, Market Operation Director of OST  Fatbardha Bytyci were informed about Turkish Energy Market and EPİAŞ.

Mr. Klodian Gradeci said that “ The installed power capacity is 4.600 MW and majority of them from hydraulic power plants.” He also noted that they are in close cooperation with Kosovo and other regional countries. Albania have interconnection with neighboring countries.  The OST carries out the functions of transmission system operator and at the same time market operator at the moment and in the coming period they want to establish a independence company for market operations. Gradeci shared the stakeholders structure of the company that they are planning to establish. Furthermore he stated that they are willing to benefit from the Turkey’s experience in the energy market liberalization process.

Board Member of EPİAŞ, Mr. Mustafa Karahan, at his opening speech mentioned that as Turkish Energy Market Operator EPİAŞ is grateful for sharing the experiences with Albania. And Karahan said that this meeting was held to contribute to Albania’s energy market and to share knowledge and experience between the two companies.

CEO of EPİAŞ, Mr. Ahmet Türkoğlu expressed his pleasure regarding the Albanian delegation visit and stated that this meeting will provide an instrument to develop the cooperation between two companies.

EPİAŞ executives presented the background of the Turkish Power Sector, business activities of EPİAŞ, the role and function of EPİAŞ in the sector, Intra Day, Day Ahead, Balancing Power and Ancillary Services Market.


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