As efforts remain intact to ensure that the Turkish Electricity Market becomes more transparent and efficient; have strong financial grounds and have an integrated structure with the European Union Electricity Market, establishment of the Intraday Market mainly aims that participants of the Turkish Electricity Market which is continuously developing and advancing to become a free market take a well-balanced and active responsibility.

In addition to operational Day ahead, Ancillary Services and Balancing Markets, Intraday Market will give participants the opportunity to almost real-time trading and balance their portfolios in short term.

Intraday Market will act as a bridge between the Day Ahead and the Balancing Markets, herewith this characteristic it will primarily contribute to the balancing and the sustainability of the Electricity Market.

As Intraday Market becomes functional, factors that result in imbalance such as utility breakdowns and fluctuations of power generation from renewables, can be eliminated; participants will be allowed to minimize or balance positive/negative imbalances that they might experience during the day.

Participants can utilize their capacities through Intraday Market trading following the closing time of the Day ahead Market and hereby an additional trading ground is established. Thus, liquidity of the market will be increased.

Intraday market software has been completely developed by local software developers. Thus, approximately 1.5 million dollars remained in the country. Electricity market has gained world class software, which is developed by Turkish software developers.


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