As efforts remain intact to ensure that the Turkish Electricity Market becomes more transparent and efficient; have strong financial grounds and have an integrated structure with the European Union Electricity Market, establishment of the Intraday Market mainly aims that participants of the Turkish Electricity Market which is continuously developing and advancing to become a free market take a well-balanced and active responsibility.

In order to enable market participants to assume a more balanced and effective role in the constantly developing Türkiye Intraday Electricity Market by using new technologies and products, it was decided to update the Intraday Market software, and the IDM 2.0 project was launched. With the IDM 2.0 project is a mobile-friendly, with more flexible and advanced software interface, organization limits and net status limits management via screens. IDM 2.0 gives a better trading opportunity with new orders options such as price leveled, time leveled and iceberg; it is aimed to create a more secure market structure with the order trade ratio, order submission and update time period.

The Intraday Market act as a bridge between the Day Ahead Market and the Balancing Power Market, and with this feature, it makes a great contribution to the balance and sustainability of the Electricity Market.

There is maximum 34-hour gap between order submission and physical delivery time in Day Ahead market. With the establishment of the Intraday Market, the factors that will lead to imbalance, such as power plant failures, changes in the production of renewable energy sources and unpredictable changes in the amount of consumption, can be eliminated closer to real time, allowing participants to minimize or balance the positive or negative imbalances that they may experience during the day.

Participants are given the chance to evaluate their capacities that they could not evaluate in the Day Ahead market. After the closing time of the Day Ahead Market and additional trading space is provided with Intraday market. This situation contributes to the increase in liquidity in the markets. In addition, the Intraday Market has significant assistance in providing the system operator with a balanced system prior to real-time balancing.

IDM 2.0 software has been completely developed by EXIST. Another global standart software developed by Turkish software developers has been introduced to the electricity market.



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