Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee System (YEK-G) and Organized YEK-G Market Settlement

YEK-G Settlement Calculations
• Organized YEK-G Market Settlement is carried out by Market Operator (EXIST) in a fast, reliable and transparent manner.
• Matching in the Organized YEK-G Market takes place in the form of individual bid-based matches. Settlement calculations are made according to these matches.

Organized YEK-G Market Monthly Settlement Process
• The preliminary settlement notification is announced to the market participants by the Market Operator on the first working day of the following month.
• Objection applications to the preliminary settlement notification can be made through PYS until 17:30 on the working day following the publication of the preliminary settlement notification. Objections made regarding the preliminary settlement notification are finalized by the Market Operator within two working days and the results of the objection are notified to the relevant YEK-G system user.
• The final settlement notification is published on the fifth working day.

Objections to YEK-G Settlement Notification and Correction Item
• Corrections regarding the finalized periods of the settlement notification are handled within the scope of the correction item in the subsequent settlement notifications.
• The time period that can be appealed covers 12 months retrospectively, pursuant to Article 133 of the Electricity Market Balancing and Settlement Regulation.
• Objections are evaluated and concluded within two months by the Market Operator.

Organized YEK-G Market Settlement Calculation
• In the Organized YEK-G Market, the buying and selling amounts are obtained by multiplying the matching quantity and the matching price.

YEK-G Market Operating Fee
• Market operation fee consists of two items:
o YEK-G system annual participation fee
o Fee determined for buying and selling transactions in the organized YEK-G market
• No operating fee is charged for transactions in the YEK-G System.
• Annual participation fee;
o Before the registration process is approved by the YEK-G system users who register to the system for the first time,
o YEK-G system users who continue to use the system pay until the end of January of the relevant year for each year and it is included as a market operating fee item in the invoice to be issued after the first settlement notification after the payment date.

• The annual participation fee is not refunded if the market participant leaves the system within the same year.
• Market operation fee is calculated for each certificate traded in the Organized YEK-G Market.



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