Registration Process

>  The Shipper must sign the STS and DUP at BOTAŞ, and deliver DUP with the other necessary documents to EXIST.

>  The Shipper must register in the Central Settlement Institution (Takasbank) with the EIC Code granted for the Natural Gas Market.

>  The Shipper must apply for registration by filling out the Online Registration Form under the section Natural Gas Market in the web page:

    (When the Shipper enters the full information, it gains the status “Waiting for Approval” in STP.)

>  EXIST transmits the STP Participation Agreement to the shippers who are Waiting for Approval.

> The Shipper must submit to EXIST the registration application documents enclosed in a cover letter.

>  EXIST evaluates the submitted documents and the information entered in the Online Registration Form within 5 business days and notifies the Shipper of any missing information.

> If the notified missing information is not completed, EXIST reminds the Shipper that legal entity registration will not be completed and grants a period of 10 business days.

> EXIST rejects the legal entity application of the Shipper who fails to complete the missing information in time, and returns the application file to the Shipper.

>  EXIST approves the registration application of the Shipper who was evaluated to be suitable, or who completes the notified missing information on time.

The Participant’s Access to the Markets

>  The “User Name” is sent via e-mail and the “Temporary Password” is sent via SMS automatically to the admin user of the Shipper whose registration application was approved (Personnel authorized in the Legal Entity Form).

> Thus, the Shipper’s status in STP changes to “Approved”.

> When the admin user first logs into the STP, they are directed to the password change screen to create a “Permanent Password”.


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