He was born in 1969 in Gölcük. He completed his primary and secondary education in Kocaeli. He graduated Ege University, Department of Chemical Engineering, in 1993 with success. He started to Master's program Hacettepe University Department of Chemical Engineering in the same year. He was accepted to the Ph.D. program in 1996 and graduated in 2001 with a degree. He also worked as a Research Assistant at Hacettepe University, between 1993-2001. He studied at UMIST  and the University of Exeter  in England within the context of Master's and Doctoral programs. Meanwhile, He also worked as project manager and advisor in different projects. He started his carrier in Energy Market Regulatory Authority in 2002 as an Energy Expert and as a Head of Group afterwards.  He was assigned as a Head of Department of Tariffs between 2008 – 2012. He was served as the General Director in Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources from 2012 to 2017. In 2017, he was appointed as the President of the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority. In 2019, he was assigned as the President of Nuclear Regulatory Authority. He has published his work in several scientific publications in scientific journals. He was teaching as a part time teacher in Hacettepe University. He is married and has 3 children. He is advanced in English.

Taha Meli Arvas was born and raised in Syracuse, New York in November of 1980. He completed a double major at Syracuse University, in bioengineering and finance in 2003. He continued his master’s studies at the City University of New York Graduate Center majoring in political science. He went on to obtain an MBA from Özyeğin University in 2013 and later a master’s in financial engineering in 2014. He is currently conducting a PhD in Financial Engineering at Boğaziçi University. Mr Arvas started his professional career starting a management consulting company providing advisory services to clients in business and investment strategies. He later was a financial columnist for various leading national and international media outlets and appeared on-air as a commentator on his areas of expertise. He was also a part of the Istanbul Financial Risk Management Laboratory for many years evaluating risks faced by firms and nations. Appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the Capital Markets of Boards of Türkiye in 2020, he aimed to expand access to capital markets for firms, to increase financial literacy among retail investors, and to combat manipulation in capital markets. Arvas also served as an adjunct professor of finance at Özyeğin University in 2020 and Boğaziçi University between 2021 and 2024. He joined the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in July of 2023 acting as a senior policy advisor to Minister Alparslan Bayraktar, as of February 9th of 2024 he was appointed as the General Manager of EPİAŞ. Mr. Arvas was appointed as Vice Chairman of the Board of EPİAŞ on May 3, 2024.

Muhammed Mahmut ER graduated from the Computer Engineering and Business Administration department. He had his master's degree from Yıldız Technical University Information Security Engineering and started his professional career in 2004 as an automation systems consultant. In 2007, he worked as Turkey's first web-based Software Developer in ERP companies. He entered the security sector in 2010. He worked as the President's Advisor at the Information Technologies and Communication Institution in 2016.  Since the end of 2018, ER has been serving as the Advisor to the Minister responsible for Information Technologies at the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. He has been elected as a member to the Board of Directors of EXIST on January 18, 2019. He is married with two children.

Dr. Talat Ulussever is currently serving as a Professor of Economics and Finance, and the Director of Financial Engineering Master Program at Boğaziçi (Bosporus) University. Upon attaining his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in the School of Political Sciences at Ankara University in 1994 and completing his Master’s Degree (with honor roll) in Management of Financial Resources at Carnegie Mellon University in 1998, he earned his Ph.D. degree (with honor roll) in Economics, concentrating on International Finance & Public Finance, at the University of Kansas in 2004. In the meantime, he worked, throughout his graduate studies, as Analyst, Research/Teaching Assistant, Expert, Financial Analyst, Instructor and Adjunct Professor at different universities and institutions in the USA. Besides his full academic involvement different Universities in the United States of America, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait for 20 years, Dr. Ulussever also served as Business Trainer, Project and Financial Consultant, Investor, and Entrepreneur in private market.  Promoted to the rank of Associate Professorship in February 2013, Dr. Ulussever served as the Founding Chairman of Economics Department at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University in 2014 and later served as Associate Professor in the School of Political Sciences at Ankara Social Sciences University from June 2014 to October 2016. His study, titled “New Growth Perspective National Welfare Funds and Türkiye: A Comparative Analysis”, won the “Best Paper Prize” in 2017 Prof. Dr. Orhan Dikmen Research Competition of Economic Research Foundation of Türkiye, and was also published as a “Book” in February 2018. Besides his academic experiences, Dr. Ulussever has had market and bureaucratic involvements as well. To begin with, he worked for the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Türkiye (ISPAT) from June 2010 to June 2014 as Chief Project Director and Advisor. Meanwhile, Dr. Ulussever delivered lectures on a regular basis and trained the experts and project directors of ISPAT on various topics of economics, finance, and investment. Appointed as Board Member to Borsa İstanbul (BIST) Inc. (Stock, Gold, and Derivatives Exchange of Türkiye) on the 5th of April, 2013, Dr. Ulussever was elected as Chairman on the 31st of March, 2015 and chaired the Board until April 2016. In the meantime, Dr. Ulussever also represented BIST in the General Assembly and Board of Directors at World Federations of Exchanges (WFE). Likewise, Dr. Ulussever was appointed as Founding Board Member to the Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST), Energy Bourse of Türkiye, on 12th of February and served as Board Member, Deputy Chairman as well as Deputy CEO until August, 2017. Moreover, Dr. Ulussever served as Board Member at Istanbul Development Agency and BIST - ITU Technology Inc. from June 2015 to July 2016. Having served as Council Member at Energy Sector Council of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye and Advisory Board Member at Yunus Emre Institute of Türkiye, the Turkish Industrial Management Sciences Institute of the Scientific & Technological Research Council of Türkiye, and Halal Accreditation Agency of Türkiye, Dr. Ulussever worked as Board Member and Deputy Chairman at Capital Markets Board of Türkiye and Board Member at Investor Compensation Center of Türkiye from October 2016 to October 2020. Having the Capital Market Activities Level-3 License, Corporate Governance Rating License, Real Estate Appraisal License, Credit Rating License, Derivative Instruments License, and Information Systems Independent Audit License by Capital Markets Licensing Registry & Training Inc. (Türkiye), and U.S. Securities & Regulation Certificate by University of California at Davis (USA), and FastTrac Business Training Certificate by Kauffman Inc. (USA), and being fluent in English and having intermediate knowledge of Arabic and Ottoman languages, Dr. Ulussever is the father of four children. Dr. Ulussever was appointed as Board Member to the EXIST on October 7, 2020.

Mehmet ERTÜRK was born in 1976 in Gaziantep. After completing his primary and secondary education there, he continued his education at Bilkent University Business Administration Department with a full scholarship in 1996. Having graduated in 2001, he began his professional career the same year as a Deputy Brand Expert. After working for about one year on this duty, Mr. ERTÜRK started working in EMRA as Deputy Energy Expert in January 2003 and was appointed as Energy Expert with a thesis on natural gas transmission schedules in 2006. Continuing his work on tariff issues in EMRA, Mehmet ERTÜRK directed the group responsible for natural gas tariffs between 2009-2012. In early 2012, he was appointed to the Department of Tariffs and became the Vice-President in April 2015, after about 3 years in this position. His scientific studies during his time at EMRA, in METÜ between 2006-2009 and in University of Texas’ Energy Programme at Austin between 2009-2011, has allowed Mr. ERTÜRK to publish articles in international scientific journals. Mehmet Ertürk has been elected as a member to the Board of Directors at General Assembly Meeting of EXIST on March 22, 2019. Mehmet ERTÜRK is fluent in English and is married with three children.