EXIST is one of the leading companies in our country which has a role in promoting energy investments in our country by providing reference price formation without discrimination between effective, transparent and reliable market operation and equal parties in energy.Our mission as EXIST is to operate energy markets in an efficient, transparent and reliable manner.Our vision is to contribute to Turkey’s regional energy trade center.In line with our targets, while providing services to fulfill the responsibilities imposed by the Electricity Market Law, YEK Law, Balancing and Settlement Regulation, Electricity Market License Regulation (as per Article 32 of EXIST TS ISO / IEC 27001) and other related regulations;

To plan, establish, operate, control and improve the information security management system,
Identify relevant roles and responsibilities for the operation and continuity of our information security management system,
To determine the targets in terms of our Management System and to evaluate their suitability in certain periods,
Risk management within the scope of our Management System,
To conduct business impact analysis to meet the requirements of our Management System,·
To protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the information in order to meet the requirements of our Information Security Management System.
To allocate necessary resources to increase the competence of our employees to meet the requirements of our Management System and to operate effectively, and to plan training programs,·
To carry out regular reviews in order to continuously improve the processes and activities used for the execution of our Management System,
Planning our awareness-raising activities in order to ensure the participation and compliance of all our personnel and business partners in our management systems as a result of our holistic approach to our Management Systems,
Ensuring compliance with standards, legal regulations and contract requirements as required by our Management Systems,
To implement our Management Systems as an indispensable part of our corporate culture,we commit.
General Manager