Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin System & Organized YEK-G Market

YEK-G System, from sectors and organizations with high electricity consumption to individual users; It is designed to follow all processes of the generated electricity from the generator to the consumer in order to expand the use of renewable energy resources, protect the environment and make renewable energy accessible to everyone completely by EXIST’s own means. by using the blockchain technology.

The local and national YEK-G system, where participation is provided entirely on a “voluntary basis”, became operational on June 1, 2021.

With YEK-G System;

Generators will be able to improve use of renewable energy sources at producing and consuming electricty.

Suppliers will be able to verify that they have renewable energy in their portfolio within the scope of their obligation to disclose the source of electricity they provide to their end consumers.

Consumers will be able to obtain information about the source of the energy they purchase and have the opportunity to choose among electrical products while contributing to the protection of the environment.

Through the YEK-G Certificate in the status of “identity card” of renewable energy, it is ensured that the source of the energy consumed by end consumers is monitored, proven and disclosed by recording and documenting the characteristics of each 1MWh of certifiable energy.

YEK-G System will contribute to a carbon neutral and sustainable future.

The software of the YEK-G system has been completely developed by local software developers.


Organized YEK-G Market is the market that is operated according to continuous trade model by EXIST, and it is the market where YEK-G certificate is bought and sold among system users. Contracts that oblige to receive or deliver YEK-G document at the matched price for the amount of YEK-G document are processed by the Market Operator according to the continuous trade model.

YEK-G certificates issued within the scope of the documentable production amount are processed in the contracts opened with the source type of the production resource.

Market participants can bid on the contracts that are open during the session.

During the market, the maximum and minimum price is determined by EXIST and market transaction guarantee is taken against the financial risks that may arise regarding the invoice payments of the transactions made by the market participants. Market participants can trade in the Organized YEK-G Market as much as the current market transaction collateral amount.

Micro Website

You can access the micro site, which contains information about YEK-G System and the Organized YEK-G market, via the link below.



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