Registration Application and Documents

Standard Transportation Agreement (STS)

The Shipper must sign a STS with the Transmission Company (Botaş) before applying to the Market Operator (EXIST) and obtain an EIC Code in the process.

Online Registration Form

The first step for registering in the Continuous Trading Platform (STP) is filling out the Natural Gas Online Registration Form. The Shipper must enter the “EIC Code” obtained from Botaş on the EXIST Unique ID field in this form, and “information related to the legal entity” on other fields.

After the online application, the Shipper must deliver to EXIST the following documents to be enclosed in a cover letter (To complete the legal entity registration, the System User must prepare and sign all the documents specified below except for the STP Participation Agreement, and the Market Participant must prepare and sign all of them).

STP Participation Agreement

The Market Participant must sign the STP Participation Agreement which includes the terms and conditions prepared within the framework of the Organized Natural Gas Wholesale Market Regulation. (Click here to access the Agreement text)

The Market Operator (EXIST) sends a stamped and initialed STP Participation Agreement to the Market Participant who is Waiting for Approval. The Market Participant must deliver the STP Participation Agreement which is stamped and signed on all pages by 1st degree authorized signatories (with dates to be left blank) to the Document Registration Division with other relevant documentation.

Imbalance Settlement Protocol (DUP)

The Shipper must sign the DUP which includes the management of collateral related to imbalances, settlement of imbalances, making and monitoring of relevant payments and other financial matters as a tripartite agreement with the Transmission Company (BOTAŞ) and the Market Operator (EXIST). (Click here to access the Protocol text)

Central Settlement Institution (Takasbank) Participation Agreement

The Shipper must sign a Central Settlement Institution Participation Agreement which includes terms and conditions related to the management of securities and cash trade services (Click here to access the Agreement text).

During the First Registration phase, Takasbank will notify us via e-mail. The participant will not submit any documents.

Certificates of Authorization and List of Authorized Signatories

The Shipper must ensure that, for the submitted documents to be accepted, the text of the list of authorized signatories includes inscriptions such as “indefinite”, “no spending limit”, and “Authorized to monitor and sign all types of procedures and documents with EXIST”, and issue the documents in the name of the persons authorized to represent and bind.

Legal Entity Registration Form (KF.01.R02)

Debt Clearance Certificate

The Shipper must submit to the Market Operator (EXIST) relevant documents that confirm debt clearance (for itself and its partners) against the Transmission Company (Botaş), the Central Settlement Institution (Takasbank) and the Market Operator (EXIST).

STP Participation Fee

As per PUE article 5.2.9, Market Participants must pay an “annual participation fee”. This fee is determined each year as per the EMRA Board Resolution and is reflected on the first invoice of the Market Participant by EXIST.


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