With the Quality Management System, EXIST commits to take forward its activities within the framework of the following principles.

It plans to bring the Quality Management System in line with the strategic objectives of EXIST, taking into account the context of the organization. Provides the necessary infrastructure to meet customer requirements by considering the primary and secondary legislation requirements.

It creates the necessary infrastructure for providing the effectiveness, implementation, protection and continuous development of Quality Management System. It provides continuous improvement for the system by both measuring customer satisfaction and taking into account the demands & complaints of the customers. In order for these activities to be effective, the legislation, related parties and conditions are taken into consideration.

It determines the necessary infrastructure for the new technologies wich are being followed and implemented as well as for the training of the employees. In addition it makes the term “continuous development” a part of both each day and each job.

By applying the principles of Quality Management System at every stage of business processes, it provides continuous improvement by the feedbacks. The organizational context determines the risks in all processes by taking into consideration the relevant parties and determines the quality targets and ensures the continuity by taking the risks into account.

EXIST is responsible for the announcement of the Quality Policy to all employees working in the organization or on behalf of the organization and making it public.