EPİAŞ signed a MoU with Pakistan Energy Market Operator company (CPPA-G)

As a result of the ongoing negotiations over more than a year between the Central Power Purchasing Authority (CPPA-G) and the Energy Exchange Istanbul (EPİAŞ), two companies came together for a training program organized by EPİAŞ to share energy market experiences.

In this training program,  historical development and the process of Turkey’s energy markets transition were transferred to (CPPA-G)  by experts from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (MENR)  with regard to legislation and macro-strategies. Energy Markets Regulatory Authority, (EMRA), Turkish Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS), Turkish Electricity Trading and Contracting Company (TETAŞ) and EPİAŞ experts were also involved in the training program contributing to the current and historical situation of Turkish Energy Market and experiences related to legal arrangements, system operations, commercial and market operators from their perspective and their responsibilities.

MoU was signed between EPİAŞ and CPPA-G after the training program at the EPİAŞ headquarters in Istanbul. Turkish energy sector and EPİAŞ’s experience in energy markets will be shared with CPPA-G within the scope of this MoU.

EPİAŞ representatives, MENR, EMRA, TSO and TETAŞ experts, including CPPA-G CEO Abid Latif Lodhi and other delegates as well as EPİAŞ CEO Mustafa Kayırıcı, participated in the signing ceremony.

During the signing ceremony, CPPA-G CEO Abid Latif Lodhi commented, “We are examining the market structures of different countries as well as the example of Turkey with whom we have a long-standing brotherly relations and is one of the most prosperous markets that can be a model for us. We want to further promote collaboration between the two countries through this cooperation and sharing. ”

EPİAŞ CEO Mustafa Kayırıcı said: “There are very good relations between the two sister countries regarding many subjects. We were delighted to see that Turkey’s experience in Pakistan’s developing energy sector was transferred through EPIAS and that we host such an event. I would like the contract to be beneficial for both sides and I would like to extend my thanks to all contributors.”


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