Net Loss

As a result of offsetting the long and/or short positions of market participants in the financial period containing a specific bidding zone, delivery period and load type with their order(opposite direction) containing the same bidding zone, delivery period and load type. Their positions with opposite directions are netted over the energy amount. Net loss is the collateral item calculated against the losses incurred as a result of these net purchase and sale transactions. If an active order is to be netted with an existing position, the net loss item is calculated for this order as well.

For positions subject to netting for which the physical delivery period has begun: The net profit or loss amount is calculated on the basis of all settlement periods covered by the delivery period. If the total calculated amount is negative, this amount is determined as the net loss of the relevant physical delivery period, and if it is positive, this amount is determined as zero.

The total futures market collateral required to be submitted by the relevant market participant is updated, taking into account the net loss amounts calculated for all contracts whose physical delivery period has not yet started and the net loss amount calculated for the positions subject to the physical delivery collateral.


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