EPİAŞ visited Pakistan Energy Market Operator

The delegation composed of Executive Board of Energy Exchange Istanbul (EPİAŞ) and Mr. Fatih Kölmek, The ‎Head of Organized Power Markets Group of ‎Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) visited Central Power Purchasing Authority (CPPA-G) on 12-17 December 2017 in Pakistan.

The delegation leading by General Manager of EPİAŞ Mr. Mustafa Kayırıcı have been several contacts in Pakistan.

Mr Aamer Ahmed Additional Secretary of  Ministry of Water and Power Government of Pakistan at express his pleasure about EPİAŞ and EMRA’s visit and mentioned that CPPA-G is willing to benefit from Turkey’s knowledge and experience of energy.

CPPA-G General Manager Abid Lodhi after expressing their satisfaction from the visit and emphasized that they wanted to further cooperation between the two countries he remind the Memorandum of Understanding signed by two companies.

Mustafa Kayırıcı, General Manager of EPİAŞ, stated that “We are returning to Pakistan today in the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding, which is based on a mutual exchange of knowledge and experience between EPİAŞ and CPPA-G in August 2017. I hope that this meeting will be instrumental in bringing our relations further” . After this words Kayırıcı expressed that they are pleased by welcome and through the EPİAŞ they can share the experiences of Turkey to support Pakistan’s developing energy sector.

Fatih Kölmek, at his presentation informed the Pakistan delegation about activities of EMRA and how the electric prices determine in Turkey.

While Strategy Development Director of EPİAŞ Mr. Avni Çebi, present about the Structure of Turkish Power Sector and how the Transparency Platform of EPİAŞ works to the Pakistan commission. Market Operations Director Nezir Ay about the markets operating by EPİAŞ Day Ahead Market, Intraday Market and Balancing Market.

Murat Günsay, Information Technologies Infrastructure Manager of EPİAŞ presented about the infrastructure Works of EPİAŞ and emphasized that the software of the Day Ahead and Intraday Markets, which are currently used by EPİAŞ, was realized in-house with our own means.



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