Fatih Dönmez became Minister of Energy and Natural Resources

The Chairman of the Board of EXIST, Fatih Dönmez, became the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources in the new Presidential Government.

Turkey made a fresh start after the country officially switched to a new presidential system of government, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said in his inaugural address on Monday.

Erdoğan said, “Our guide to develop New System will become democracy again.” We will ensure that all our citizens will benefit from rights and freedoms regardless of their origin or belief.” Later on Monday, Erdogan announced the ministers of the new Cabinet under Turkey’s presidential system. In the New Cabinet announced by President Erdoğan, the Undersecretary of Ministry of Energy and Chairman of the Board of EXIST, Dönmez, became the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. “As the Minister of Energy, our team will work day and night to ensure that our nation is not left in the dark or cold. I thank to all friends who have send their congratulations.” said Dönmez. 

Fatih Dönmez was born in Bilecik in 1965. He completed his education in Istanbul. In 1987, he has been graduated from Yıldız Teknik University Electrical Engineering and Electronics Department. In 2005, he successfully completed e-MBA certificate program. He started his working life as an R&D engineer at Turkish telecom firm Netaş. During his professional life, he handled several executive positions in energy and telecom firms. After 1994, he worked in Istanbul Natural Gas Distribution Company, a Istanbul Metropolitan City Council affiliate, as Engineering and Project Manager, Deputy Director General and Board Member. In 2002, he has been assigned as Affiliates General Coordinator at Istanbul Metropolitan City (IMCC) Council’s Directorate of Affiliates Coordination. He administered several IMCC’s affiliates as CEO or Member of Board. He also participated as one of the founding members of TESAB (Union of Turkish Electricity Industries). On the 4th October 2008, Fatih Dönmez has been appointed as Turkish Energy Market Regulator (EPDK) board member (commissioner). During his tenure at EPDK, he has been elected as Board Member of ERRA (Energy Regulators Regional Association) by the General Assembly. He initiated strategy planning of ERRA and participated in the Security of Supply committee. He has written various reports, articles and commentaries across a wide variety of subjects including security of supply, natural gas forecasts, R&D in the energy sector, strategic planning, performance management, feasibility studies, organizational development and the adaptation of companies to EU rules and regulations. He was also appointed as Chair of the Board at Turkish energy exchange EXIST and acting Chair of the Board at TANAP. Dönmez became Undersecretary of Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in 24th December 2015 and EXIST Chairman of the Board in 22th March 2016.


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