Natural Gas Futures Market was launched in the simulation

The Natural Gas Futures Market, which is an important step towards becoming a trading center in energy, was launched in the simulation.

Taking revolutionary steps in energy trade by opening the Power Futures Market on June 1, and the YEK-G System and the Organized YEK-G Market on June 21, EXIST launched the Natural Gas Futures Market (VGP) on June 30, 2021 (today) as a simulation.

EXIST will continue its improvement and development studies for the most healthy operation of VGP by receiving requests and problems from its participants regarding VGP, which it has opened in the simulation.  The shortcomings in the settlement and default modules of the application, which will go live on October 1, 2021, will be completed in a short time.

With the Natural Gas Futures Market (VGP), market participants will be able to make future transactions without making a contract among themselves and paying stamp duty. The products will be offered as annual, quarterly and monthly to the participants. EXIST will assume the role of central counterparty by requesting the collaterals determined within the scope of its transactions from the market participants. On this platform, natural gas producing countries, LNG trading companies and domestic gas producers etc. will be able to sell on the supply side, while power plants, industrial customers and distribution companies will be able to buy on the demand side. These market players will be able to carry out both buying and selling transactions until the physical delivery time.

Thanks to the developing market conditions, the movement in gas flows between countries will increase even more and improvements in physical infrastructures will be possible. Price formation will also determine the direction of gas flow.




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