Uzbekistan Ministry of Energy Visited EPİAŞ

Uzbekistan Deputy Energy Minister Sherzod KHODJAEV visited EPİAŞ on February 13 with a delegation under the World Bank support program.

At the beginning of the meeting, reminding that a delegation from Uzbekistan visited for a similar meeting the same day last year, this coincidence was expressed to be sustainable.

Strategy Development Director Avni Çebi gave information about Turkey’s energy strategy, EPİAŞ’s mission and vision and its role in the operating of the energy market. Mr. Abdullah Korkmaz, Electricity Market Manager, presented about Turkish Electricity Markets, espacially Intraday and Day-Ahead Markets.

In the meeting, between two countries; information was exchanged on production and consumption characteristics, market structures and future projections.Together, the importance of organized wholesale markets was discussed in the functioning of electricity markets and the realization of competition. The features of DAM software developed by EPİAŞ were presented in comparison with other existing systems. In addition to the spot electricity markets, the authorities exchanged ideas on bilateral agreements, constraint management, balancing and ancillary services.

After the meeting, the parties shared their intention to come together in alternative meetings and increase the exchange of information.



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