Türkoğlu: “The hub to be established in Türkiye will be a natural hub mechanism”

EXIST CEO Ahmet Türkoğlu was the guest of the TRT Haber Special Broadcast, which was broadcast live on TRT Haber before the Silivri Natural Gas Storage Facility Capacity Increase Ceremony.

In his speech, Türkoğlu said, “In order to look at the commercial infrastructure of energy in our country, we need to look at Energy Exchange Istanbul. In this sense, there have been important developments. Last year Our Spot Natural Gas Market was launched. Then our Natural Gas Futures Market was launched. Thus, short and long-term transactions such as daily, weekly, monthly, yearly can be made in our markets. These are very important steps for becoming a regional hub exchange.

EXIST came to the fore in terms of offering liquidity. We offer our extensive data sharing in terms of transparency and reliability of the markets to our market participants, industry stakeholders and academicians working in the field of energy on our Transparency Platform.”

As EXIST, we will bring together supply and demand.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has a promise that the price of natural gas will be determined in Türkiye for Europeans. When asked how do you evaluate this, Türkoğlu said, “You know, there are many hubs in Europe that determine prices. The most important of these is the trade center of the Netherlands, which we call TTF. Due to the fact that the Nord Stream 1 project did not work and the Nord Stream 2 project did not start, the natural gas flow stopped, which reduced the operations here. Therefore, TTF started to lose that feature. The result was the need for a different regional trade centre. There are also Hungary, Austria and Italy among these trade centers, but it does not constitute a natural hub mechanism as much as the hub we will establish in Türkiye.

“We are located in such a strategic geography that Türkiye is the only country where natural gas from the countries located in the east, southeast and northeast of our country can pass. Production of our own gas will start in March. If we look at it this way, we have a very large supply infrastructure. At the same time, demand is also our country’s demand.” “Other trade centers are insufficient in this sense. We, as EXIST, will bring together supply and demand.” he said.

Reminding that regulation is one of the important pillars of being a regional trade center in the program, he stated that negotiations and exchange of ideas with the Energy Ministry, EMRA and BOTAŞ continue in this sense.


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