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Announcement About the Use of E-Letter of Guarantee

To the Attention of Our Market Participants;

As EXIST, we are constantly taking steps towards facilititating our business processes. In this regard, with the announcement made on our Company’s web page on the date of 09.07.2019 (https://www.epias.com.tr/tum-duyurular/piyasa-duyurulari/dogal-gaz/e-teminat-mektubu/), our Company has started to accept e-letters of guarantee.

We would like to remind you that, during this period where the Covid-19 pandemic is in full swing and certain measures are being taken, use of e-letters of guarantee which are provided in secure and digital environments will provide significant benefits such as;

  • Saving time,
  • Providing the market participants with the opportunity to register their securities in a quicker and more effective manner to carry out transactions on the market,
  • Increasing operational efficiency,
  • Reducing transaction costs,
  • Preventing fraud,
  • As the security return processes will be finalized more quickly, the limits of companies will be revealed more quickly by the Banks and
  • Providing full protection against errors, losses, damages and falsifications

In this period where many banks and companies are working remotely, it is possible to encounter certain operational and timing issues during the process of preparing and delivering printed letters of guarantee to our Company. Therefore, obtaining an “Electronic Letter of Guarantee” from the Banks will prevent such issues and will also contribute to your work efficiency.

In this regard, if your Bank is able to provide the letters of guarantee in the form of an “Electronic Letter of Guarantee” in an integrated fashion with the Credit Reference Agency, please ask your Bank to create your letter of guarantee on digital media. Letters of guarantee created in this manner will be quickly transmitted to EXIST via digital media through the Credit Reference Agency.

Kindly submitted for the information of our market participants.




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