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Duyuru Tarihi Başlık Kategori
02.06.2020 Natural Gas Market Weekly Products has launched Corporate Natural Gas
22.05.2020 EPİAŞ Launches Weekly Products for Natural Gas Market Corporate Natural Gas
15.05.2020 April 2020 Electricity Market Settlement Notice Kayıt ve Uzlaştırma Registration and Settlement
15.04.2020 March 2020 Electricity Market Settlement Notice Registration and Settlement
16.03.2020 February 2020 Electricity Market Settlement Notice Registration and Settlement
17.02.2020 January 2020 Electricity Market Settlement Notice Registration and Settlement
15.01.2020 December 2019 Electricity Market Settlement Notice Registration and Settlement
22.03.2019 Natural Gas Market Data in Mobile Application Corporate Market Natural Gas
28.02.2019 EPİAŞ Mobile Application on Stores with English Language Support Electricity Market
02.10.2018 About Daylight Saving Time Day Ahead Electricity Natural Gas
21.09.2018 Intraday Market will be reduced to 60 minutes on October 1 Corporate Intra-Day
11.09.2018 Organized Natural Gas Market Has Started Natural Gas
01.03.2018 EPİAŞ API Portal Announcement Transparency Platform Web Service
31.01.2018 Announcement Concerning Removal of Double Sided Option for Bilateral Contracts Market
15.06.2017 About Intraday Market Web Application English User Guide Intra-Day Uncategorized
23.05.2017 2016 Turkish Electricity Market Report Market
13.01.2017 Injection Quantity Service (Resource Breakdown) Transparency Platform
05.01.2017 Energy Markets Regulatory Authority (EMRA) Board Decision on Minimum/Maximum Price Limits in Day Ahead Market (DAM) and Balancing Power Market (BPM) Balancing Power Market Day Ahead
12.12.2016 Available Installed Capacity Announcements Transparency Platform
06.12.2016 Day-Ahead Market Phase II – New Order Types Day Ahead
25.10.2016 Transparency Platform Web Services Version 2.1 Transparency Platform
21.10.2016 EXIST Transparency Platform Web Services Version2 Transparency Platform
20.10.2016 About Day Ahead Market English Language Web Application Option & English User Guide Day Ahead Uncategorized
17.10.2016 Transparency Platform – New data set is launched! Transparency Platform


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