8th Transparency Workshop is held online with large attendance

The 8th Transparency Workshop was held online with the attendance of representatives from public and private sector stakeholders in the energy industry.

Moderated by EXIST Strategy Development Director Avni Çebi and Energy Traders Association (ETD) President Murat Kirazlı, the workshop was inaugurated with the opening speeches made by EMRA Vice President Ahmet Özkaya, EMRA Electricity Markets Department Head Deniz Daştan, Natural Gas Markets Department Head Hüseyin Daşdemir, and EXIST General Manager Ahmet Türkoğlu.

EMRA Vice President Ahmet Özkaya underscored that EXIST has been sharing data in a hassle-free manner for many years, and in this context, it is important to ensure transparency and competition in the market.

Özkaya said that Transparency Workshops should not be sconsidered as routine meetings, and it was of the essence that they turn into fruitful output. He stated that EXIST would present a report to them at the end of the workshop, and that the report would be evaluated by EMRA with diligent care.

EMRA Electricity Markets Department Head Deniz Daştan said that 2022 was a truly unmatched year with the developments experienced. He stated that while closing a year of extraordinary developments, an acceleration has been recorded towards the gradual normalisation of data. He stated that the data on the transparency platform had increased from 83 to 141, and the fact that a number of clicks of 4.3 million was achieved and the international access to the platform showed how much attention the platform attracted.

“2022 has been survived with the least damage, and 2023 will be a year in which Turkey will focus on its goal of becoming a gas hub,” EMRA Natural Gas Market Department Head Hüseyin Daşdemir said. While stressing that 2023 will be a year in which an important development will be witnessed, namely the gas from the reserves discovered will be supplied to the grid, Daşdemir said, “We all, our Ministry and us as EMRA, as well as BOTAŞ, and EXIST, will do our part. He ended his speech with the words: “I wish the 8th Transparency Workshop to be a fruitful one for all stakeholders.”

EXIST General Manager Ahmet Türkoğlu, who first noted that the data published on the transparency platform kept increasing year by year, drew attention to the importance of the workgroups. He stated that the meetings preceding the platform were important in terms of preparation and contributed to the efficiency of the workshop. He stated that the participant satisfaction survey had been administered to the participants this year too, and the results were pleasurable in all every sense.

He added that the participants’ training programmes were in progress online, that further ones were posted on the YouTube channel and made available to the participants on a 24/7 basis, and that face-to-face training would start from next year. He did also state that they had brought the conciliation module of the EMMS project live and that the IDM 2.0 application will be put into use in 2023, along with other modules. Türkoğlu ended his speech by expressing his pleasure in holding the 8th Transparency Workshop with such a large attendance and hosting all stakeholders of the market in this workshop.

The workshop event was carried out in a participatory approach by going over the data requests received from the attendance. In the second part of the programme, EXIST Electricity Market Manager Abdullah Korkmaz made a presentation about IDM 2.0, the new version of the Intraday Market (IDM), which had been redeveloped with the use of innovative technologies towards user-friendliness and enhanced performance. The same part did also include a presentation made by Eligible Consumers Director Bülent Turan on the technical features of EMMS (the EXIST Market Management System), which was developed to replace the BPS (Balancing Power Market System) software, and all the convenience it has to offer for the user.


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