APEx 2023 Conference was held in Istanbul, hosted by EXIST

APEx 2023 Conference, organized by Association of Power Exchanges (APEx), was hosted by Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST).

The APEx Conference is organized in different countries each year by APEx, which was formed to promote the common business interests of parties engaged in the electricity and gas transmission and trading industry and to facilitate the processing and sharing of ideas on the functioning of global energy markets.

APEx 2023 Conference held in Istanbul between 20-22 September 2023. APEx 2023 Conference attended around 100 executive-level delegates experts in energy markets from APEx members, regulators, government dignitaries, consultants, and vendors from Germany, United States, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, El Salvador, Philippines, Finland, Guatemala, Georgia, India, England, Spain, Colombia, Lithuania, Norway, Pakistan, Slovenia, Saudi Arabia, Chile, Ukraine, New Zealand and Zimbabwe.

The opening speeches were made by Republic of Türkiye Deputy Minister of Energy and Natural Resources and Deputy Chairman of EXIST Board of Dr. Zafer Demircan and APEx Chairman Stu Bresler of APEx 2023 Conference where important issues of the energy sector were discussed.

Dr. Zafer Demircan expressed his pleasure to be at such an important meeting of APEX 2023 in Istanbul hosted by Energy Exchange Istanbul (EXIST) and focused on the most important agenda of the energy sector in his speech.

“I believe that this this conference will be a valuable opportunity to strengthen our partnerships,  cooperation, and promote developments on the security of supply and energy transformation processes of countries.” he said.

APEx Chairman Stu Bresler, “At the APEx 2023 conference, we brought together different participants from many countries and discussed important issues. I am happy that the conference took place in Istanbul. The conference hosted by EXIST gave us unforgettable moments with both its content and the social events organized. I would like to thank the participants for their contributions to the meetings.” said in his evaluation at the end of the meeting.

The following topics were discussed in the panels at the conference;

The first panel “Integration and Applications of Storage in Markets” was moderated by Rohit Bajaj, Head of Business Development, Strategy and Regulation and Executive Director of Indian Energy Exchange Limited (IEX).

Ashmin Mansingh from Siemens Grid Software, Gökay Kütükçü from Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), Jaime Peralta from Coordinador Eléctrico Nacional and Marcelo Torres from N-SIDE made their presentations at the panel.

“Markets and Exchanges facilitating the Energy Transition: Flexibility, Renewables and Technologies” panel was moderated by Juan Carlos Olmedo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Coordinador Electrico Nacional.

Jeffrey Chapman from EnDimensions, Mohit Saigal from Hitachi Energy, Timothy J. Horger from PJM Interconnection and Todd Bessemer from Market Reform made presentations at the panel.

The third panel “What is required to ramp up markets for (green) hydrogen? What role can energy exchanges play?” was moderated by Daniel Wragge, Director Political & Regulatory Affairs at European Energy Exchange (EEX) .

Emre Erdoğan from Enerjisa Production, Frederick Bernthaler from Central European Gas Hub (CEGH), Hasan Ali Yaraş from ERIH Holdings and Jan Haizmann from Zero Emissions Traders Alliance (ZETA) made their presentations at the panel.

The fourth panel “Price Formation and Market Design”was moderated by Lanny Nickell, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer of Southwest Power Pool.

Keith Collins from Southwest Power Pool, Kenan Ögelman from ERCOT, Lina Masiuliene from Nord Pool and Mark Herring from Transpower New Zealand made their presentations at the panel.

The last panel, titled ” Regulators’ Perspective” was moderated by XM Compañía Expertos en Mercados Operations Director Cecilia Maya.

Juan Carlos Bedoya from Colombian Energy and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG), Mark Christie from Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and Martin Povh from Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER) made presentations at the panel.

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