Indonesian Delegation Visited EPİAŞ

Indonesian delegation visited EPİAŞ to learn more about our company and to develop relations with the PLN (State Electricity Company) represented by PLN Pengatur Pusat Beban (Load Dispatch Center) and ICON+ as the subsidiary of PLN. ICON+ is an Information Communication & Technology Company.

The Electrical Business Solutions and Operation Director of ICON+, Ardian Cholid, and a group of executives and experts from PLN P2B and ICON+ visited our company on 28th-29th of January 2019.

CEO of EPİAŞ, Mr. Ahmet Türkoğlu expressed his pleasure regarding the Indonesian delegation visit and he said that “Technical or another support, we’re available for that. We are pleased to work with your country, and this meeting will provide an instrument to develop cooperation between two companies.

Ardian Cholid said that “In Indonesia, generation, transmission distribution, and customer service are all power apparatus connected. We examine the market structures of different countries. One of the most similar electricity condition in Indonesia is Turkey. We are here to benefit from your valuable experiences toward power market. We want to learn about your success story and to further the cooperation between the two companies.”

The meeting was held to contribute to share knowledge and experience between the two companies, EPİAŞ executives presented about Turkish Power Sector, business activities of EPİAŞ and the role and function of EPİAŞ in the sector, Electricity and Natural Gas Markets, and also Balancing Power.


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