EXIST 5th Transparency Workshop Held in Istanbul

The 5th Transparency Workshop organized by EXIST brought together public and private sector representatives.

In his opening speech, EXIST General Manager Ahmet Turkoglu reminded that EXIST mission is to operate and develop energy markets in an effective, transparent and sustainable manner.
Turkoglu noted that transparency is one of the basic principles of this mission while fulfilling this mission. “For a sustainable market, it is important that our work is transparent and shared with the market participants. Realizing a healthy market operation and interpreting the demands and dynamics correctly is one of the tasks given to us by EMRA ”.

Türkoğlu reminded that they have been organizing four Transparency Workshops since 2015, when EXIST started its operations, and that the outcomes of the 5th Workshop held today will be analyzed carefully and presented to the market participants as in the previous workshops.

Turkoglu said, “Last year,We had 59 different data sets on our Transparency Platform. Today, the number of this data set has increased to 130. ”

“We are now at the regulation stage in Physically Settled Power Futures Market”

While providing information regarding the ongoing efforts in EXIST, Türkoğlu stated that “ As you know, we work together to design our physically settled power futures markets. Physically settled power and natural gas futures markets will be presented to the agenda of our market participants soon. We have achieved outstanding progress in this subject. Next week we will make a presentation of the final draft to EMRA. Then we expect EMRA to make a decision on this matter. In this regard I owe market participants a debt of gratitude. Because we have made comprehensive work in designing futures market and transformed it into an output. We are now at the regulation stage in Physically Settled Power Futures Market.”

While referring to the ongoing software development efforts, Türkoğlu indicated that “The analysis and software development of planned market design subjects are carrying out”

Physically Settled Power Futures Market will be operational on December 1 2020

Refik Tiryaki, Head of EMRA Electricity Market Department ,stated in his speech; We hope that our efforts to create futures markets starting with Derivative Markets (VIOP) will be completed next week with the decision of our Board. Physically Settled Power Futures Marketregulation will be finalized and will be operational on December 1, 2020 with the completion of the software.

“The Transparency Platform offers more data than its European counterparts.”

After highlighting the importance of the Transparency Workshop bringing together EMRA and sector representatives, Tiryaki said, The Transparency Platform has provided more data to market participants and even to international actors free of charge compared to their counterparts, especially in Europe. The number of access to the Transparency Platform, which has been in use for more than 5 years, is satisfactory. “

5 million views in 2019

Avni Çebi, Strategy Development Director of EXIST, expressed his satisfaction with the intense participation from the public and private sectors to the workshop and emphasized that data quality is important for the healthy functioning of the market. Recalling that the Transparency Platform was viewed 1.9 million times last year, Çebi underlined that the number of views was 5 million this year and how reliable the data published by EXIST were.

In the sessions chaired by the Board of Directors of Electricity Producers Association Cem Aşık and Avni Çebi, issues such as detection of misleading notices in malfunction maintenance and actions to be taken and the importance of Transparency Platform Data in Electricity and Natural Gas Markets were discussed.

In addition, a presentation was made about the Futures Market, which is expected by market participants and planned to be operational in 2020.



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