Georgian Market Operator ESCO visited EPİAŞ

Electricity Market Operator of Georgia (ESCO) and Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission, visited EPİAŞ on 18-19th of October 2018 within the scope of liberalisation of Georgian energy market.

During the meeting Georgian Committee informed by the EPİAŞ about the liberalisation of Turkish energy market, current market structure and operations and also about potential cooperation issues between two countries.

CEO of ESCO Mr. Vakhtang Ambokadze mentioned at his presentation that the 80% of installed capacity of Georgia is supplied by hdyro and in terms of supply security, their thermal supplied capacity is wide. After that Mr. Ambokazde emphasized the importance of present electric trade between Turkey and Georgia and said that “It is so valuable that we are exchange our experience and informations with Turkey.”

CEO of EPİAŞ Mr. Ahmet Türkoğlu at his speech mentioned that Turkey is an important energy trading hub in the area, with the Natural Gas Market operations, started at 1th of September 2018, strengthen the EPİAŞ’s role in the energy sector and Mr. Türkoğlu express his pleasure of sharing experiences an informations with Georgia.

In the two-day working meeting held with the participation of Energy Market Regulatory (EMRA) and Turkish Electricit Transmission Corporation (TEIAS) officials, cooperation between the two countries on the liberalization process of the electricity market of Georgia and were discussed. Additinonally, the Turkish electricity market liberalization process and the experiences by market operator during the establishment of markets were shared. At the first day of meeting Electricity Intra-Day, Day-Ahead Markets, Market Settlement and Forward Markets, Transperancy Platform and also softwares and technologic solutions were explained. The second and the last day of meeting continued with the presentations about the liberalisation of electricity market, The role and the responsibilities of EMRA at the market and the operations of TEIAS.


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