Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange Visited EPİAŞ

The delegation from Independent Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) visited EPİAŞ on 20 December, 2017.

CEO of the IBEX Mr. Konstantin Konstantinov and 3 other executives from Market Operations Department visited EPİAŞ for meeting which General Manager of EPİAŞ also attend.

The meeting started at the early hours with the thank you speech by Mr. Konstantinov. He said that “After 2 year later this is our second visit to EPİAŞ. We are so happy to be here and your hospitality. I also invite you to at Sofia next year.

After Mr. Konstantinov, Mustafa Kayırıcı expressed his pleasure about Bulgarian guests and stated that this meeting will provide an instrument to develop the cooperation between two companies and added “We are willing to visit you in beautiful Sofia next year”.

EPİAŞ executives presented about background of the Turkish Power Sector, business activities of EPİAŞ and the location of EPİAŞ in the Sector.

Following the presentations, the Bulgarian authorities stated that there are no financial markets and they just operating day-ahead market from physical markets. They also mentioned that the volume of the day-ahead market is 20% and intraday market will be active in 2018. They stated that the software is outsourced which they already use. The installed power capacity is 11.000MW, which means that they meet 2.100MW of nuclear power.

The meeting was held to contribute to Bulgaria’s emerging energy market and to share knowledge and experience between the two companies, The authorities  from EPİAŞ gave information about the day-ahead and intraday markets which is operating by EPİAŞ and the natural gas market which planned to be active in 2018 will be followed by Over The Counter Markets and from Stock Exchange Istanbul (BİST) the authorities gave information about Energy Derivative Products.


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