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About The Elimination of Eligible Customers with Lower Consumption than The Eligible Consumer Limit

Consumers with lower consumption than the previous year’s eligible consumer limit will be lost their eligible customer qualification as of February 1st and must be removed from the portfolio by their current supplier according to Customer Services Legislation -7th  article. The article also states that these consumers cannot make a new bilateral agreement until they become eligible customer again.

 Notification of eligible customers list below The Eligible Customer Limit

List of the meters with lower consumption in 2020 1200 kWh  which is the eligible customer limit for 2021  must be uploaded to DGPYS until January 19, 2021 at 17:00 by their suppliers.

Moreover suppliers should be considered following situations during their operations;

  • Authorization must be assigned to user in order to carry out transactions by PK Admin user within all “Below Limit Transactions”.
  • The metering points whose entered the portfolio through demand consolidation before May 2013 period and have been in the portfolio since then must be kept excepted.
  • For the metering points whose processed by suppliers should not remove from the portfolio and the requests for deletion from the portfolio should also be taken passive.

Please see below the  suppliers’operations steps.

The lists can be uploaded  from the Registration Transactions Menu > Eligible Transactions Menu > Below Limit Transactions Menu in DGPYS. After logging into the system click the “New Demand” button and you can upload the list via manually or with the excel table.

As we have mentioned that there are two options for loading the data as below.

  • For manual uploading, “Metering Point EIC Code” field is available  under the  Below Limit Transactions Menu
  • For bulk uploading, Excel Uploading Panel  is available under the menu and please follow the directions below,

            -Please use attached excel table 

            -Use only column A and fill in with EIC codes. Column B should be left blank.

            -If you want to take the transactions made passive, list the EIC codes through column A and enter “0” value to Column B.

Please note that excel files cannot process the data over 2000 KB.

Operations for below the limit which is made by EPİAŞ

Eligible customers included in the list notified by the suppliers;

  • Will be removed from the current portfolio
  • Metering point type will be changed to non –eligible customer
  • If there is a request to add to the portfolio, these requests status will be changed to passive

        as of February 2020 by our company.

Announcement of Transaction Results

The results of the transaction will be announced in the final eligible customer lists in February 2020.

Note for reading meter reading institutions; For eligible consumers who do not use their right to choose suppliers and whose consumption in 2020 is lower than 1200 kWh should be made the transactions as below;

  • Recording of evacuation requests within the scope of February 2020 eligible customers request process
  • Metering point type fields should be changed as “non-eligible customer” and the usage status fields must be changed as “in use” after  announcement in the final eligible customer lists.

by Meter Reading Institutions.


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