Renewable Energy Certificates And EPİAŞ Yek-G System Introduction Meeting Was Held Online

The “Renewable Energy Certificates and EPİAŞ YEK-G System Promotion Meeting” moderated by the Energy Traders Association (ETA) was held online.

The EPDK Organized Electricity Markets Group President Dr. Hakkı Özata, the EPİAŞ General Manager Ahmet Türkoğlu, the Energy Traders Association President Burak Kuyan, NGOs and company executives from many different sectors actualized the opening speech for the meeting, which was held with the participation of a wide range of stakeholders.

In his speech, the ETA President Burak Kuyan stated that: “Drawing attention to the importance of sustainability, as the awareness and demands of consumers on this issue increase, the laws and rules that affect the way of doing business are also shaped in the same direction. Kuyan also said: “The YEK-G mechanism and its market is very important for Turkey’s energy market concerning the work undertaken by the relevant EPİAŞ with EPDK and Markets.”

The EPDK Organized Electricity Markets Group President Dr. If Hakkı Özata  started his speech by thanking the participants from many different sectors and ETD and EPİAŞ who arranged the organization. He added that the YEK-G system is a system used in many countries around the world, and they started to work on the YEK-G at the beginning of 2020 in Turkey. He stated that the legislation was prepared and published in the official gazette, and the principles and procedures were opened for opinions and that the opinions are at the evaluation stage. Stating that EPİAŞ continues its software studies and that the market will open as of June 1, Özata added that their main purpose is to realize a predictable and sustainable market. In this context, the importance of informing the consumers and that they are planning to produce a certificate with international validity in the EU Green Certificate standards in the future.

In his speech, the EPİAŞ General Manager Ahmet Türkoğlu expressed his satisfaction with the participation of very important companies that create value for our country at the meeting, he said that we should encourage the use of renewable energy for the future of our children and our world, and that they provide consumers with the opportunity to certify this with the YEK-G system that is to be established. He underlined that it is very important to support this system in order to save our future.

After the speeches, presentations on the YEK-G system were made on behalf of ETA and EPİAŞ. The purpose of the new system was stated as such: “To ensure that the energy source consumed by end consumers and supply companies is monitored, proved, disclosed and guaranteed by recording and documenting the characteristics of each 1MWh of certified energy supplied by the licensed generation facilities included in the system to the network.”

In the presentation, the answer to the question “Why YEK-G?” is stated as such:

  • Consumers gain the awareness that the products they buy are harmless to the environment,
  • Contribution to the national economy by supporting domestic resources,
  • With the YEK-G certificate, increasing the reputation of companies and their reliability in the eyes of customers,
  • Companies gaining advantage over their competitors with qualified energy,
  • Ensuring awareness of responsibility in companies with transparent recording and tracking of energy from production to consumption,
  • Raising awareness by contributing to the sustainability cycle



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