Turkoglu: “We care about international organizations.“

24th National Conference organized by IENE (Institute of Energy for SE Europe) was held in Athens from 21 to 22 November 2019 with the theme of “Energy and Development“.

Presenting about “Turkish Power Market” in the session entitled “The SE Europe Energy Market Scene” EXIST General Manager Ahmet Türkoğlu, started his words by saying that they care about international organizations, pointed out that the number of these organizations should be increased.

Reminding that the main theme of the conference was energy and development, Türkoğlu said, The energy that encompasses every moment of our lives is one of the important indicators of economic growth and development. One of the best examples of this is Turkey. It is possible to see the change and development in our country since the beginning of 2000s in the energy sector. This change and transformation in 17 years has taught us a lot. The markets we operate today are efficient, transparent and sustainable and are the markets where market participants can easily and safely trade.

Renewable energy sources in electricity generation steadily Türkoğlu attracted attention, while the installed capacity was 27 GW in 2000 and in 2019 91 GW.

Türkoğlu stated that EXIST acts with the vision of being an energy exchange which is taken as a global reference and with this purpose held negotiations with other energy markets and exchanged information.

Stating that Electricity Day Ahead and Intraday Markets are operated within EXIST and the Natural Gas Continuous Trading Platform was  started to be operated by EXIST last year and underlined that this Platform is the only natural gas market in its region.

Türkoğlu stated that they attaches importance to sharing knowledge and experience and EXIST is a member of EUROPEX, APEX, ENTSO-E and the Turkish National Committee of the World Energy Council and that they are open to cooperation in the promotion of EXIST in the international arena.


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