Energy Identification Code(s) (EIC)

Local Issuing Office

EIC issuing entitlement is transferred from Turkish TSO (TEİAS) to Energy Exchange Istanbul on May 17, 2016. Currently, EXIST is the sole Local Issuing Office functional in Turkey. EIC(s) can be given in a wide range from market participants to transmission system components. Due to its structure EIC is a unique code and specific to entity/organization, precisely utilized for Electronic Data Exchange communication within the ENTSO-E and provides significant ease of use.

EIC Allocation

1) Requests with regard to change or deactivation should be stamped, signed and mailed to the address given below.

2) Once your request is received, it will evaluated by our office and if it is pertaining to an international code we will contact the CIO (Central Issuing Office).

3) A notification will be communicated via e-mail once the evaluation process is finalized.

4) New local codes will be published here on our website and all international codes will be published on CIO’s page.

Please make sure that all the information you provide is true, complete and accurate.


Please contact lio@epias.com.tr for issues with regard to Energy Identification Codes. Please send your formal requests to the address below. You may click here for the list of European Local Issuing Offices.

Esentepe Mah., Büyükdere Cad.

No: 199, Kat: 4-5, Levent-Şişli

34394, İstanbul



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