R & D center continues its activities with result oriented approach. R & D activities aim not to be merely in theory but to turn approaches into practice that will benefit the country's economy.

Energy’s Connected Point

Energy Exchange Istanbul (EPİAŞ), providing services to international standards, effective as transparent and reliable energy market of Turkey, is established in order to become a leading energy trading center. EPİAŞ operates the Day Ahead Market and Day Market, and monthly settlements of the Balancing Power Market with the reconciliation of these markets are realized.

Continuing its activities in line with its vision of becoming a powerful energy market in its region being at the same time integrated with global energy markets, EPİAŞ follows the technological developments in the world with the consciousness of this important responsibility on its shoulders. The EPİAŞ R & D Center is continuing its efforts with its disciplined and innovative methods.

The EPİAŞ R & D Center establishes the scientific work environment provided by cooperation with public institutions, private companies and market participants conducting research on this area with the needs for the development of energy markets. EPİAŞ persue development of strong information technology infrastructure, competence in hardware and software studies, continuing improvement studies with a participatory and innovative approach synchronized with the needs of our company and the market.

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