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About Redetermining of Day Ahead Market and Bilateral Agreements Submission Gate Period

Attention to all market participants

As known, according to decision of Ministers of Councils published in Official Gazette, dated 8 September 2016 and numbered 29825, regarding to implementation of day light saving time throughout Turkey; “For the aim of utilizing day light more; day light saving application, putting time 1 hour forward starting from 27 March 2016 Sunday 03:00, is decided to be continued throughout year for every year”

Regulation regarding to Amendment to Electricity Market Balancing and Settlement published at 30/10/2016 dated and 29873 numbered Official Gazette and provisional articles added to Electricity Market Balancing and Settlement indicating “In case day light saving is continued throughout whole year, periods determined at 50th, 52nd, 57th, 58th, 63rd, 68th, 69th, 71st, 88th, and 89th articles of this regulation could be postponed by Market Operator by an hour. In this case newly determined periods shall be announced by Market Operator to Market Participants before implementation.” Day Ahead Market and Bilateral Contract Submission processes are re-determined and detailed processes are included below.

Since finalized results will be formed by 14:00 for Day-Ahead Market, there will be no changes in advance-payment notification, margin calls and Balancing Power Market processes

Market clearing prices will be published at EPİAS Transparency Platform every day at 13:00.

It is significant for all market participants to perform their activities within newly determined periods.

Processes Opening Time Closure Time
Offer Submission 00:01 12:30
Offer Verification 12:30 13:00
Price Determination 13:00 13:30
Objection 13:30 13:50
Finalized Result 13:50 14:00
Bilateral Contract Submission 00:01 17:00

*Mentioned time periods are adjusted for Turkish time zone.




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