6. Transparency Workshop Held With vast Participation

The Transparency Workshop, which brings together public and private sector representatives every year, started with the opening speeches of EMRA Vice President Hacı Ali Ulutaş, EMRA Electricity Market Department Head Deniz Daştan, EMRA Natural Gas Market Department Head Hüseyin Daşdemir and EPİAŞ General Manager Ahmet Türkoğlu.

Ulutaş: “It is important that the system you build is usable.”

EMRA Vice President Hacı Ali Ulutaş was drawing attention to the importance of the Transparency Platform brought to the sector by EPİAŞ in his speech, “It is important that the system you build is usable. The data published by EPİAŞ is functional and contributes to the development of the market. Data will become even more important when Physical settled Power Future Market (VEP) and Physical settled Gas Future Market (VGP) are operational. Thank you EPİAŞ  for data sharing as Market Operator. ” he said.

Daştan: “EMRA is also working to expand the scope of the information to be shared.”

EMRA Electricity Market Department Head Deniz Daştan stated in her speech that 135 data were published in the Transparency Platform and said, “Transparency means information. Knowledge means making decisions and moving in that direction. I would also like to point out that EMRA is working to expand and diversify the scope of information to be shared. ”

Daşdemir: “We see the contribution of OTSP to the hub score.”

EMRA Natural Gas Market Department Head Hüseyin Daşdemir reminded that our country was in the 5-point band until 2018 for the hub score published by the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) and underlined that it increased to 9 points last year with the opening of the OTSP.

Türkoğlu: “We continue our work to provide uninterrupted service to our participants”

In his opening speech, EPİAŞ General Manager Ahmet Türkoğlu stated that 350 participants attended the Workshop, which was also launched on Yotube, and expressed his satisfaction with this intense participation, “I would like to express that we are justifiably proud of the success of our company and our industry during the pandemic process. As EPİAŞ, we continued our efforts to provide uninterrupted service to our participants by taking all necessary measures and establishing the technological infrastructure. I would like to state that we did not experience any disruption in this process. We are proud to serve our country in the best way in this period by working with our Ministry, EPDK, TEİAŞ, BIST, BOTAŞ, TAKASBANK, public institutions, private sector and sector NGOs. “.

“Our VEP, VGP and YEK-G projects continue.”

Türkoğlu pointed out that there will be good developments for the energy sector in 2021, “We are planning to launch our Electricity Future Market soon. Our efforts are continuing at full speed to launch the Natural Gas Futures Market. We are planning to launch the VGP in the last quarter of 2021. In addition to this, we continue to work on the Renewable Energy Resource Guarantee (YEK-G) System. Thanks to this system, which will be put into operation in 2021, it will be documented and guaranteed that consumers will be able to obtain their consumption from renewable energy. The YEK-G System will also create the infrastructure for the Green Tariff (YETA) announced by our Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. “.

“We will launch Transparency Platform 2.0 next year.”

Türkoğlu also touched upon the renewal efforts of the Transparency Platform. “Our business development efforts continue for the second version of the Transparency Platform, which reaches a significant user base. With the project we aim to implement in 2021; We aim to bring a renewed user-friendly interface, an increased service quality and a sustainable data infrastructure to our market. We expect you to share your views and contributions about the project within the program flow. ” he said.

In the workshop, besides the existing data published in the Transparency Platform, issues such as which new data will be published in VEP, VGP, YEK-G Markets were discussed. In addition, a presentation was made on the Gas Future Market, which is planned to open next year.



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