Introductory Meeting for Weekly Products was held

Turkish Energy Exchange (EXIST) launches new products for natural gas market. Weekly products will be opened on June 1st on the Continuous Trade Platform (CTP) operated by EXIST. The Introductory meeting for “Weekly Products” was held yesterday. 

Due to COVID 19 pandemic, the meeting was held as video conference, with the intense participation of market participants and energy sector representatives from EMRA and BOTAŞ.

EPİAŞ’s CEO Ahmet Türkoğlu thanked EMRA and BOTAŞ for their contributions in this process. “COVID 19 affected energy sector like every sector. However, especially our natural gas market has recovered from this negative situtation quicker. Compared to last year, the transaction volume between January and May increased 73 percent this year. We have more work to do. I wish our new products, which will start on June 1st, will be beneficial for our country and our sector.” said.

EMRA Natural Gas Market Group President Bağdagül Kaya Caner wished that the Weekly Products will be beneficial to the sector and underlined that the Continuous Trade Platform operated by EXIST is the only natural gas market in the region and thanked EXIST for their devoted efforts.

Yunus Emre İcik, BOTAŞ Deputy Head of Natural Gas Purchase and Export Department, emphasized the importance of new products for increasing product diversity in the market and stated that they are ready to provide all kinds of support as BOTAŞ.

The presentation related to new products is made by the representatives of EXIST. The information related to products is given in detail.

With CTP Weekly Products, which will start operating on June 1, the participants;

  • Imbalances Flexibly Management: Participants will be able to manage their imbalances flexibly as it spans longer period.
  • Up to 7 Days of Natural Gas Delivery: Participants organize their trades with Weekly Products with two, five and seven days period.

There will be any requirement as registration or authorization process for the participants to use these products. Market participants will be able to trade for the weekend, weekday, whole week.

At the end of the presentation, the questions received from the participants were answered and the meeting was completed.




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