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Regarding the PUE Amendment Draft

Within the framework of the activities carried out by our Company in relation to the Organized Natural Gas Wholesale Market, it is currently required to make an amendment to the Organized Natural Gas Wholesale Market Operating Principles and Procedures (PUE) for the following purposes;

  • Adding provisions in relation to the objections raised for matching orders in STP,
  • With the addition of the provision “6.5.4. The market operator takes the necessary measures on the existing software to prevent a match with their own orders .” to PUE, removing the sentence “The cases where the market participants are matched with their own orders are not taken into consideration in the BAST formula below.” from item 4.4.2 as this is no longer needed and because participants cannot match with themselves in the STP,
  • Adding a provision to item 9.4.9 to prevent aggrievement of the participants as the First Appropriation Data of one or more of our STP participants can be updated from time to time and if such data is updated, “The Amount of required collateral ” is also changed,
  • Adding the “Eurobonds issued by the T.R. Ministry of Treasury and Finance” to the list of assets that may be accepted as collateral,
  • Making changes to the item “Daily Transaction and Invoice Transaction Collaterals” in favor of the market participants, as a result of the re-evaluation of matters regarding the transaction limit with the introduction of weekly products,
  • Making adjustments to certain provisions that contain ambiguities or uncertainties,

and within this framework the PUE Amendment Draft has been prepared.

PUE item 14.1.2. states that “If the market operator requests changes to be made in these Principles and Procedures, the market operator submits to the Institution its suggestions for change along with the opinions of interested parties to be requested via an announcement to be made on the website.” .

As per the aformentioned provision, interested parties are kindly invited to provide their opinions and suggestions regarding the Draft until the end of the business day on 19 June 2020, using the enclosed Statement of Opinion Form, with an official letter to be addressed to our Company and send an electronic copy of said form (in Word format) to the e-mail address mevzuat@epias.com.tr, to ensure that these are submitted to the Institution along with the PUE Amendment Draft prepared by our Company.




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