The Future of Energy Exchange panel was held with the contributions of EPİAŞ

In the “Future of Energy Exchange” panel held with the contributions of EPİAŞ at the 2023 IEEE PES GT&D Asia Congress and Fair, important developments in the sovereignty of energy markets were captured.

In the panel moderated by EPİAŞ Strategy Development Director Avni Cebi; Australian Energy Regulatory Authority President Steve Edwell, European Energy Exchanges Association EUROPEX Secretary General Christian Baer, ​​Energy Digitalization Association President Elif Düşmez Tek and EPİAŞ Market Operations Director Dr.Tamer Emre attended as officers.

While those seen at the panel talked about their sectoral experiences in homes and the experiences of the markets within the framework of the global energy crisis, they shared the experiences in digitalization, the challenges and opportunities awaiting the energy markets of the past in the world where the distributed generation, rising energy and demand side.

2023 IEEE PES GT&D Asia Congress and Fair, organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE, the world’s largest professional association with more than 430,000 members in approximately 160 countries, is held at the Istanbul convention center. With the participation of energy professionals from industry, utilities and universities around the world, 6 industrial panels are held in addition to 4 plenary and 16 session papers at the final event. In addition, the congress area hosts a large fair related to the energy sector.



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