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EXIST Help Desk Made Available for Use

EXIST has launched its EXIST Help Desk (EYM) to provide continuous service support for its products and services.

With EYM, energy market participants and other stakeholders will be able to communicate their requests, suggestions, issues and complaints around the clock with the EXIST Help Dest service application. In this application which can be accessed through the address yardim.epias.com.tr ;

Market Participants; will be able to log in with their user names and passwords and create new requests, view their pending or past requests and get quick responses to their questions in the frequently asked questions section. They will be able to file applications under the sections entitled Electricity Market, Natural Gas Market, Market Financial Transactions, Transparency Platform and Mobile Application, and as for application type, under sections entitled Transaction, Request for Information, Issue Reporting or Suggestions-Improvements.

Stakeholders who are not market participants will be able to register in the system through their e-mail addresses, and convey their requests, suggestions and complaints in relation to the Transparency Platform, Market Financial Transactions and Legal Entity Registration procedures through the EXIST Help Desk.

*We would like to remind you that, you must sent EXIST all requests that require an official letter bearing authorized signatures according to the previous procedure and not through the EYM.

** The e-mail addresses used to request information, technical issues and other matters will be discontinued as of 21 May 2020, and only the EXIST Help Desk will be used as a support communication channel as of the specified date.

EXIST Help Desk link; yardim.epias.com.tr

You can find the EXIST Help Desk User Manual here.




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