Organized Natural Gas Market Has Started

As EPİAŞ, we have been playing an important role in the development of energy trading in line with Turkey’s goal of becoming regional energy trading center in its region since 2005.

By uncovering Turkey’s national and international potential in energy Trading, Turkey not just  strengthens its energy security, also provides more attractive conditions for domestic and foreign investors.

We focus on creating competitive, sustainable, reliable and transparent markets. As a step forward, Turkey has launched its spot natural gas natural trading platform. By operating the organized natural gas market, Turkey will be the first country in its region in which the natural gas prices determined in the liberal market. We believe that by increase in the volume and the liquidity of the market as well as the participation of surrounding countries to the market, EPİAŞ will achieve its goal to become a regional energy trading center.   

Speaking at the opening ceremony held on 01 September 2018 in Istanbul, Energy and Natural Resources Minister Fatih Dönmez said that “Today, we are witnessing an important activity in order to show the point where the natural gas market is. By this step we built and make real an important step of aim to growing up energy trade in Turkey, liberalization of energy markets and becoming a regional center of energy trade. “

By using the experiences gained in the electricity whole sale market, we managed to develop natural gas platform as an in-house product which makes us one of the couple of European energy exchanges developing their own in house softwares. The gas trading platform will be operating 24/7 and gives shippers to chance the balance its positions.  The Daily Reference Price will be formed by the transaction which will take places in the platform. Transmission system operator BOTAŞ will enter trading platform in order to balance its system. In this market operated by EPİAS, confidentiality in transactions and transparency in market information will be preliminary. Alongside its trading platform launch, EPİAŞ also added its natural gas market information to its existed transparency platform.  




Date Title Category
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28.04.2020 About Accessing the EXIST Help Desk Electricity Natural Gas
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