Regarding STP Upgrades

Dear Valued Participants;

Many improvements and upgrades have been made on the STP based on your feedback. Details regarding three of them are presented below for your information.

Notification of STP Announcements via SMS and E-MAIL

Our Market Participants will be able to receive notifications regarding the announcements we make on STP via SMS (only subject header) and E-MAIL (subject header and content text). For this, they are simply required to tick the relevant box in the EKYS Participant Communication Preferences menu.

SMS Matching Notification

After the inclusion of Weekly Contracts to the market products, for the purpose of facilitating the monitoring of our participants and preventing any possible confusion, it was ensured that the Matching Notifications (SMS) contain more information. New notifications will be based on the template “The ……  quantity of your order in the  ……  direction with the code …… in the  ……  contract owned by your organization was matched with the price of  …… .”

Order CANCELLATION After the Session in Weekly Contracts

Orders given by the Users in Weekly Contracts, which could not find a match until the closing time of the session, can now be CANCELLED during the period where the session is “pending” (after 16:00). For this, the order selected from the table on Home Page \ My Orders or My Orders & Matches \ List can now be switched to CANCEL status.



Date Title Category
15.12.2023 November 2023 Futures Electricity Market Settlement Notice Announcements EFM Electricity Market Registration and Settlement
30.06.2021 Natural Gas Futures Market was launched in the simulation Corporate Natural Gas
28.06.2021 Natural Gas Futures Market Is Opening As Simulation Announcements Market Natural Gas
04.01.2021 Important Reminder About The EXIST Help Desk! Announcements Corporate Electricity Natural Gas
24.12.2020 New Development on CTP Transaction Collateral Page Announcements Market Natural Gas
08.12.2020 Emergency Support Hotline Announcement Electricity Natural Gas
04.12.2020 STP Registration Renewal Announcement Announcements Market Natural Gas
16.11.2020 Announcement Regarding IP Addresses Electricity Kayıt ve Uzlaştırma Natural Gas
02.11.2020 A New Record in the Natural Gas Market! Announcements Corporate Natural Gas
18.09.2020 Turkish Natural Gas Market is Changing its Shell… The Objective: Becoming a Natural Gas Trade Hub Announcements Corporate Natural Gas
18.09.2020 Regarding STP Upgrades Natural Gas STP
29.07.2020 Natural Gas Market achieved new daily trading record Corporate Natural Gas
28.07.2020 Regarding the Changed Payment Dates Due to The Feast of Sacrifice Holiday Electricity Finance
01.07.2020 Record Figure Reached in Natural Gas Market Monthly Average Clearing Quantity Corporate Natural Gas
10.06.2020 Regarding the PUE Amendment Draft Announcements Natural Gas
05.06.2020 Regarding the Agreement for the Transfer of Current Receivables Announcements Finance
02.06.2020 Natural Gas Market Weekly Products has launched Corporate Natural Gas
22.05.2020 EPİAŞ Launches Weekly Products for Natural Gas Market Corporate Natural Gas
22.05.2020 Weekly Products Test Environment Is Launching Natural Gas STP
22.05.2020 Planned Maintenance in STP Natural Gas STP
15.05.2020 Planned Maintenance Electricity Natural Gas
12.05.2020 Regarding the Changed Payment Dates Due to The Ramadan Feast Holiday Announcements Finance
05.05.2020 Regarding the Futures Natural Gas Market Operating Principles and Procedures Natural Gas
28.04.2020 About Accessing the EXIST Help Desk Electricity Natural Gas
28.04.2020 About Accessing the EXIST Help Desk Electricity Natural Gas
24.04.2020 Announcement About the Use of E-Letter of Guarantee Announcements Finance
21.04.2020 Regarding the Electricity Market Payment Procedure Announcements Finance
21.04.2020 EXIST Help Desk Made Available for Use Announcements Corporate Electricity Natural Gas Uncategorized
24.03.2020 Our Primary Communication Channels Announcements Bilateral Contract Corporate Day Ahead Education Electricity Finance Intra-Day Market Natural Gas Registration and Settlement STP Transparency Platform
21.03.2020 EXIST SYSTEM LOGIN ISSUE Day Ahead Intra-Day Market STP Transparency Platform


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