The Pocket Instant App for Android and iOS

Users who download EPİAŞ Mobile on their devices will have easy access to the latest summary information with announcements and bulletins. In addition by using EPİAŞ Mobil users can add desired reports to favorites, download chosen data and share graphics.

Version 1.0.1

  • Get benefit from the EPİAŞ Transparency Platform data,
  • Monitor instantaneous electricity generation and consumption,
  • With the Market Message System, you can be aware of the maintenance and outage of the power plants,
  • Review announcements and bulletins,
  • Follow the current summary information on the main page,
  • When the Market Clearing Price is calculated, you can receive notification when new announcements and newsletters are published,
  • Download data and share graphics in the application,
  • Add the desired reports to your favorites,
  • You can forward your comments and suggestions and call our call center.