About Transparency Platform

Transparency Platform provides necessary data for the transparent, reliable, fair and predictable operation of energy markets; 6282-4 decision of the Energy Market Regulatory Board dated 13/05/2016; It is obliged to publish the “Procedures and Principles for Ensuring Transparency in Organized Wholesale Electricity Markets”. This decision, which forms the basis of the transparency platform and includes the data set to be published on the Transparency Platform, entered into force by published in the Official Gazette dated 28 May 2016 and numbered 29725, and was lastly updated with the Board Decision no. 10711 dated 06.01.2022.

Published data is requested by EPİAŞ from the institutions on the basis of the legislation stated above. The relevant data owner organizations are obliged to share the data from the approved by the Board Decision “Data List to be Published on the Transparency Platform”, on a timely manner in the specified format and with correct content on the Transparency Platform

EPİAŞ obtains the data published in accordance with the Board Decision from the relevant institutions, organizations, companies and publishes it on the transparency platform together with the markets that it operates.

EPİAŞ is not responsible for the accuracy of the data obtained from data sharing institutions and companies, pursuant to the Board Decision.

EPİAŞ creates a data service environment that enables data access from the relevant data owner institutions and companies and makes available to the energy market participants through the Transparency Platform.

These data sets can be obtained through the website, web services and mobile services.

Based on the EMRA Board Decision dated 06.01.2022 and numbered 10711, the link for the list of data sets to be published on the Transparency Platform is given below.
Transparency Platform Data Sets

Web Service IP Registration procedure link is given below.
Web Service IP Registration Procedure

Web Service technical document link is given below.
Web Service Technical Documentation

The institutions and companies responsible for data transfer to the Transparency Platform are listed below:

  • BOTAŞ – Petroleum Pipeline Corporation
  • DSI – General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works
  • EIGM – General Directorate of Energy Affairs
  • EPİAŞ – Energy Markets Operator Company
  • EÜAŞ – Turkish Electricity Production Company
  • TEİAŞ – Turkey Electricity Transmission Corporation
  • Distribution Companies
  • Generation Licensee Market Participants